Dear Mr. Holland

Hello and Good Morning to you,

I hope this finds you well,

Here everything is going okay, its just another cheery day.

Fall is fully here, and the air is starting to become full of holiday cheer.

They are calling for snow later this week, this news makes me feel so weak.

I am hoping to come home soon. But will not be holding my breath,

I know how busy life can be, for a traveling man.

Its starting to look like this will be our 5th christmas apart

I dont think I realized how hard it would be when you stole my heart.

You hold me captivated in the palm of your hand,

Heart, mind, body and soul, are all yours to have and to hold.

Enslaved to you, is where I want to be.

Hopefully someday you’ll see

Just what you mean to me…

That only when I finally get to rest is your arms

Is when I’ll be free.



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