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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving day is here
And I do have a lot to be thankful for
Today before we sit down
Our family will all gather around
Holding hands a prayer of thanks we will say
When it comes to my turn to tell what
I am most thankful for
I will thank God for you
All you have done
Whether you realize it or not
You’ve helped me to change
Shown me another path
Helped me to grow….
I just wanted you to know
That you coming into my life
Is what I am most thankful for.

Jade Night


About mylucidity

Living on the brink of sanity in an insane world. My inner light is always showing bright, making things clear and lucid in my mind. I took a long break from writing, but am ready to begin again, my notebooks full of lots of thoughts and things, that need to be shared for all to see.


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