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Today your thirty-eight

Time has gone by so fast

It seems like just yesterday

When we were just little brats

You were my best friend

My playmate

My alibi

My enemy, when you would tattle on me

Dressing you up

In gowns I’d outgrown

So we could sit and have tea

I know for that you probably hated me.

Laying in front of the fireplace

Eating Popcorn

You falling asleep, still nibbling

Even after, we took the bowl away

Dad building us a play yard

Complete with swings and a see-saw

Along with the lessons we learned

Like how to care and to share

I can’t help but to wonder

If you would have lived

What kind of man

You would have been



Jade Night


About mylucidity

Living on the brink of sanity in an insane world. My inner light is always showing bright, making things clear and lucid in my mind. I took a long break from writing, but am ready to begin again, my notebooks full of lots of thoughts and things, that need to be shared for all to see.


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