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Short Words of miscellaneous ramblings

Dreaming under the same stars above

Wishing that two lives

Would become one love




Life changes

That’s a fact

There is noting we can do about that



Missing you so much

Slowly going out of my mind

I wish we could turn back time.




Standing at the gate

Contemplating fate

Heaven or hell

It’s sometimes hard to tell

Either way you choose

It’s your life you lose




I must let you go for sanities sake

It is your heart that I don’t want to break

I must set you free

So I can be me



I hate being a girl

It’s such a chore

The hair, make-up and clothes

All the things the boys adore

If they only knew all the trouble

We go through to look the way we do



Someday we will meet again

Among the ocean shores

With the sky so blue

Holding each other again

With words, “I love you”


About mylucidity

Living on the brink of sanity in an insane world. My inner light is always showing bright, making things clear and lucid in my mind. I took a long break from writing, but am ready to begin again, my notebooks full of lots of thoughts and things, that need to be shared for all to see.


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