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Portrait of Me

Dark hair
Dark eyes
Tough skin
Not letting anybody in,
Always acting like I have
No care in the world
yes, I am this girl.
Always a rebel
Looking for a fight,
This is the highlight
Of either day or night.
Drinking to much
Whiskey and wine,
These things always
Makes me feel fine.
The wild pony
That cant be tamed
or at least,
So I am told…
By people who think they know.
Hardened by life,
Frozen by cold
Do you still like what you see,
Because this is a portrait of me.
Afraid of the dark,
Scared of the crowd,
Sleeping alone,
When I am home.
Always afraid
To speak with a stranger
I think I always feel danger,
Looking for the hurt
That is lurking
Just around the next corner.
This is who I am,
Always looking for
‘Mr. Right’
Will he ever find
And tame this wild
Heart of mine?
So now I have drawn
This picture of me
For all to see.
But in truth
This is not who I
Want to be!


About mylucidity

Living on the brink of sanity in an insane world. My inner light is always showing bright, making things clear and lucid in my mind. I took a long break from writing, but am ready to begin again, my notebooks full of lots of thoughts and things, that need to be shared for all to see.


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