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Letters of Love

Lets Take our Time

Let’s take our time

Let’s take it slow

I’m in no hurry

To see where this will go


We’ve both had failed

Relationships past

Where thoughts of forever

Was meant to last.


I don’t want a seasonal fling

But at the same time

I’m not looking for a ring


So please understand

That when I tell you

Not just yet

Doesn’t mean that I don’t want you


It just means that I’m in no hurry

Just want to take my time

To see where this will go


About mylucidity

Living on the brink of sanity in an insane world. My inner light is always showing bright, making things clear and lucid in my mind. I took a long break from writing, but am ready to begin again, my notebooks full of lots of thoughts and things, that need to be shared for all to see.


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